Gym Empire nailed it – my go-to gym outfit doubles as a chic coffee hangout look. Stylish and comfy, I feel fantastic. Thanks, Gym Empire!
This yoga outfit is comfy and just flawless. Feels like a perfect fit for my practice
The top's back is charming, and the pants' details make me feel beautiful. Simple, yet so delightful!
Can't get enough of this jumpsuit—it's seriously the best I've ever had. Street, gym, it nails the look, and the fact that it's super pretty and versatile? Double win for sure.
This navy blue set is like a second skin, with amazing details that shape so nicely. Totally loving it!
This outfit is just perfect. I've never gotten so many compliments at the gym. Feeling pretty great about it!


About us

My name is Lia Morgan and Gym Empire is my brand.
I was raised in Fortaleza in the north of Brazil and in my 20s I journeyed for the first time to London, England. I instantly fell in love with the culture and style and began to form my vision for a luxury gym brand with Brazilian and English influence. I further cultivated that vision in Paris where I currently reside and I became fascinated by the world of sport textiles. I took it upon myself to broaden my knowledge base and over the last three years I completed a degree in fashion design. It was throughout that process that I began to plant the seeds for what would become Gym Empire. Gym Empire’s story has been written over several years and multiple continents. With the brands spirit, vibe and style growing over time with influences from multiple cultures and geographies… Geographies that have inspired me and shaped my stylistic vision. Gym empire’s ethos is a fine a tapestry woven with threads of Brazilian heritage, sown together with British elegance, then finally enriched with the artistic flair of Paris, France. This is the culmination of a childhood dream turned reality and it has evolved into much more than a brand… it's a passion project that emerges from an dream of quality, style and functionality. With the desire to empower strong and modern women with beautiful design. Celebrating diversity in all its forms. Our fashion creations do not only boast high quality but also ensure unparalleled comfort. Why? Because every woman deserves the best. After all, “your body is your Empire”.

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